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Slot Machine Games - Strategies

Some people think that they have better chances if they play certain slot machine games such as those in the entrance, those that haven't paid off for a long time, or ones that have been paying off a lot. Don't waste your time trying to find a "hot" machine or a machine that is "due" to payoff, it's a myth. The slot machines are programmed at the manufacturing site to be random, each play on each machine has the same odds no matter how often or how long ago it paid off.

There is some truth that the higher denomination machine payoff slightly more often than the smaller denomination machines. The nickel and quarter machines usually pay the least, while the $100.00 machines pay off the most often.

It is also true that if you are a regular player, and play a lot the casino may consider you a preferred customer. These preferred customers may be given rewards by the casino in an attempt to keep their business. So it may be to your advantage to stay with only one casino and do all of your gaming at the same place.

Simple Slots: for simple slot machines where you simply bet one coin and pull the lever there is no strategy, you simply play for fun. Just remember to play at a level you can afford. Take your wins when you get them, accept your losses, and enjoy yourself.

Multiple-Coin slots are slot machines that allow for multiple coins to be played. There are two different types:

  1. On some, you can increase your odds of winning by increasing the number of payout lines. Each coin played adds another payout line up to a maximum of five, three horizontal lines and two diagonal lines. The machine will pay out on winning sequences on all lines you've bet on.
  2. On others, you can increase the payout on winning depending on your bet. For example, if one coin is played a payout might be 200 coins, 500 coins for two coins played and 1000 coins if a third coin is played. The best strategy for these machines is to play the maximum numbers of coins, because assuming you win the same number of times the additional payout percentage makes you more money. Think about stepping down a level if you want to limit your wagers, it is smarter to play a quarter machine using maximum coins rather than to play a dollar machine using one coin.

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