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How Video Slots Came About

Charles Fey invented the slot machine but when and where did “video slots” come about?

The advent of the electronic age brought about a massive modernization with slot machines, and the first electronic slots were introduced in the 1960's. I bet you thought they just came about recently, but that’s not true.

Because they’re a lot harder to cheat with then the traditional real slots, early pioneers knew they had a winner. By 1975, the first video slot was created in Las Vegas, introduced by Walt Fraley. Called the "Fortune Coin", this early model of the video slot had only three basic elements namely, "a solid state logic assembly, a television set, and a hopper."

Throughout the decade, the video slots slowly made their presence known in the gaming industry, and people were sceptical at first. The reason for this was the fact that players could not physically see the reels spinning for themselves, which led them to wonder whether they really could win. However, this all changed in the 1980's, with the introduction Draw Poker, IGT's video poker machine. In the years that followed, the trend towards gambling video machines swept the gaming industry, and the once overlooked video slots gained a newfound popularity.

Newer video slot models, such as the multi-line, with better technology were introduced, and huge rows of the modernized machine are now found at casinos all over the world. Video slot machines are an entertainment package in itself, showcasing not only the well-loved games of slot, but a whole array of sights and sounds, featuring characters and music from our popular culture of today.

Slot manufacturers like IGT and others are making themed slots with bonus rounds, multipliers and other interactive details. Players love the touch screens and personal feel of the machines. They are now probably the most popular of all slots.

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