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December will be a Month to Remember with Online Casino Slots Preview

The previews of new online casino slots games in the month of December will make it a month to remember for sure as anticipation continues to build with higher levels of excitement than ever before. There will be plenty of outstanding theme based games that go far beyond the holiday season to instead encompass every possible aspect of life. Theme based slots continue to be a major attraction and draw for large amounts of traffic and that will only serve to be more of the case in the month of December.

Serenity, for example, is a Chinese based them video slot game that provides an exotic and elegant playing atmosphere with Oriental sound effects to make for a relaxing way to play. The symbols include a mix of Chinese designs such as cards, characters and Chinese lanterns. Players will have their choices of up to five beautifully decorated lanterns with random bonus prizes. There will be free spins of up to 10 spins and 120,000 credits.

Happy Holidays is the perfectly timed traditional Christmas theme game with a spectacular opening of snow falling on trees and kids making a snowman. Your favorite Christmas symbols and icons are on the play reels and include such traditional holiday favorites as eggnog, decorated Christmas trees, stockings, turkey, snowmen, sledding and gifts. Season music is perfectly added to the game for the best possible holiday based game with an atmosphere that will definitely shout out "Merry Christmas!"

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