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Online slots are hot. PERIOD. Many software companies are coming up with creative slots to keep their players entertained and its working. There is no skill to playing slot machines because literally you press a button and hope for the best, but online slots have made a huge comeback since they were first introduced online back in the 90’s.

There was a one line slot and that was it, and now there are slots up to 40 lines in all different denominations. You can play pennies or dollars and you can choose your denomination right within the software on the same game with a click of a button. The bonus rounds are the most fun and when you hit one, be prepared for a fun time!

Many slots now tell a story within their bonus rounds with each choice you make determining your financial destination. Online slots are most popular with females ages 30-65 because they’re more fun then a video game but you still need to deposit. Every software brand out there is introducing more and more new video slots and regular slots each month to be competitive and to make things more exciting for the slot player.

Casinos show that once a new slot game is introduced, there are more players and more activity within the casino. When the slot is “loose”, there is hype and word of mouth advertising for that casino. If you’ve never played slots before, you’re in for a treat. Many males are even getting on the slot bandwagon because of the idea of the unknown jackpot explosion. Besides that, you don’t have to think before you click, alleviating that feeling of guilt for making the wrong decision based on skill. Slots are just plain fun!

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