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What is it that makes a slot machine so incising and exhilarating?

When you walk into a casino and hear the bells and whistles going off all around you, did you ever think that you could get the same adrenalin rush right from your own living room in front of your computer?

Thousands of slot fans young and old have found out the secret to hours of fun without leaving your home playing slots ONLINE! You may not be able to pull a one-armed bandit but at the click of a mouse, you’ll be able to shake up the gambling Gods quite a bit and still feel that level of energy that you feel when you’re at a land based casino.

Online casinos started out with just one and five line slots and have now grown to 20, 25 and even 30 line slots with bonus rounds just as exciting, if not MORE exciting than a land based casino. Several software companies like Microgaming, Playtech and RTG have come up with creative ways to make playing slots online thrilling for everyone. You don’t have to spend the money in gas driving to a casino or spending money on food and travel because you can play from anywhere!

Video slots are becoming more and more popular because there are so many variations of a win including bonus rounds, many with more then one, and scatter wins which leaves the player with anticipation of the “BIG HIT”. The slots are pre-determined right before you click SPIN and a RNG ( random number generator ) is put into play. This means you can hit a bonus twice in a row, or not hit for several spins in a row. It’s that RNG that controls your fate. This makes it fair to everyone who plays because it’s not controlled by the casino. Whether you like one line, five line or multi-line video slots, you’ll find them all ONLINE right at your fingertips! Good luck and may the Slot Gods be with you~!

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